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Aerial Inspections

Discovering what is happening up on a roof can be time consuming and costly, with unsightly scaffolding often being left up for days. We can offer fast and cost-effective aerial inspections to identify problem areas of damaged tiles or roof panels, gutter blockages and any other issues your roof may have.

Our fully certified and insured drone operators can even show you the aerial images live as they fly over your roof. All Imagery/footage taken will be securly emailed to you within 24 hours of our site visit. In some situations, we may be able to deliver the imagery to you within a couple of hours after the drone has landed. 

Imagery in high resolution photographs or HD video, the choice is yours.


At All Drainage Services, we’re happy to carry out regular checks and advise you of any issues that may affect your roof – this can lead to reducing expensive bills in the future.

With one of our aerial inspections, you are getting:

  • Fully trained,qualified and insured drone operators
  • HD imagery – stills or video
  • Fast delivery of imagery for your records

Please note it will not be possible to put a drone in the air within a few minutes of taking a call. By law, prior to all flights, a full site assessment and risk assessment has to be completed, which may require a short site visit before the booked day of the aerial inspection. Aerial inspections are subject to local weather conditions. Dependant on location and due to strict separation distances that must be adhered to, it may not be possible to carry out an aerial inspection.

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