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We are proud to be your first choice for resolving your domestic and residential property blockages. From a simple blocked bath or shower to a blocked manhole or a toilet. If you are experiencing a blockage, you can guarantee we have the right the tools, experience and equipment to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Blockages have many causes, showers, baths and bathroom sinks get blocked with hair, soap scum and shaving gel – we can deal with that no problem. Toilet, WC the loo whatever you call it we can unblock it, we’ll advise if the paper is too thick to get a good flush, even the dreaded wipe blockage is unblocked with the right equipment.

Over the years we have dealt with some strange and very funny items found in the pipework…. a rather large but dead catfish, a toy car, no guessing who flushed that. No idea how it got around the bend, but it did a shampoo bottle. A full set of pyjamas, boxer shorts and the odd mobile phone, so our best advice is only put into your toilet the 3 ‘P’s’ Paper, Pee and Poo or you will be calling us!

Blocked Drains

Our many years in the industry mean we are able to deal with blocked manholes and drains. Whether the cause is tree roots, wet wipes, fat and grease build up or general lack of maintenance we can resolve this situation with our experienced team of friendly engineers.

Foul waste, kitchen waste or storm waste anything that blocks your gullys can cleared with the right tools and trained staff.

At All Drainage Services Ltd we even take care of your soakaways, very often cleaning the drain line and into the soakaway can really prolong it’s life.

Whatever your blockage, wherever it is the team at All Drainage Services will always have your best interest at heart and will give you our very best advice.