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CCTV Camera Inspections

You will be offered a CCTV survey and inspection using the latest high spec camera systems. This helps to provide a thorough recorded inspection of your drainage system.

Our advanced CCTV drain inspection technology is fast and the most cost-effective way of inspecting both drainage systems. The quality of the images is so high that we can identify current and potential problems in your drainage system. Any defects with the piping and flow of the drain will be highlighted. This enables us to work far more efficiently on your behalf.

Should a full survey be required we will provide a recorded video copy of the survey with accurate measurements and high-quality images. You will also receive a written report highlighting any problems and advising what problems need to be addressed.

The clarity of the images we are able to obtain with our CCTV drain surveys means we can comfortably hand over all of the images with a full technical report. We are happy to discuss your inspection in more detail with if required.

Clarity of the CCTV footage is crucial to identifying the source of problem(s). Hairline cracks let water leak out of the pipework. This can cause problems outside of the pipe; flushing away, over time, the ground that keeps the pipework stable. Larger cracks and holes allows additional water into your drains and sewers causing flow to increase and bringing with it silt and debris, which in turn reduces the diameter of the drain and subsequently causes blockages.

Displaced joints however small can let cockroaches and other pests into cavities within building voids, and once they find a route into a building they create havoc for the people living and working in the property. Distress through pests entering buildings is well documented and very hazardous to health. The good news is that once the defect has been identified there are solutions such CIPR patch lining that can repair the drains, Curing the problem and also giving reassurance that the pipework is once again in good condition’

If that wasn’t enough, CCTV surveys are one of the fastest possible ways of checking for rodents in your property. Rats tend to gain access to properties through drainage systems because they can swim surprisingly long distances in open sewer water, and gnaw through the smallest of pipe weaknesses to get where they want to be.

Pest Control Investigations

Pest infestation is becoming more common every year

Mainly due to our changing lifestyles we are creating a haven for rats. It’s not unusual for rats and pests to find their way into your home. Once in the problem usually escalates into a large infestation of your home. This then becomes an environmental health hazard and is unpleasant for the people occupying the property.<br>
Rats occupy the sewers, using it as their own motorway system. If your drainage has damage to the pipework rats will leave the drainage network and access your property.

What We Can Do

We offer a rodent investigation service. Our CCTV equipment inspects your drains for damage to the pipework. We thoroughly test your drainage system, this work is vitally important as any infestation will cause ongoing damage to your drainage system and in turn your home. If you believe you may have a pest infestation problem, let us carry out a full investigation to put your mind at rest.


Pre Home Purchase Survey

All Drainage Services offer pre-purchase CCTV Surveys of the drainage system on the property. This consists of us using a specialist drain CCTV unit to inspect your storm and foul drains for breakages, root ingress, displacement of the pipework, subsidence and blockages.

Most pre-purchase surveys carried out by a property surveyor are not usually thorough. They may only consist of lifting a manhole cover and not thoroughly inspecting your drainage system for current or potential problems. Our CCTV Surveys provide you with a complete report.

Insurance Problems Insurance companies may not accept a claim for the first 12 months of ownership if there was a fault with the drainage they may class this as a ‘pre-existing fault’.

Drainage can be very expensive to repair or replace. We take a responsible approach and prefer to highlight any faults before the purchase takes place. This can save the buyer and vendor a lot of money and time. It can often be the difference whether a buyer proceeds with the purchase of your property.

Drainage surveys and inspections<br> Our drainage engineers are ready and waiting to perform CCTV drain surveys. If you want CCTV drain surveys and inspections then call All Drainage Services and book your CCTV Inspection.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you require more information about our pre-purchase surveys. Our prices are always competitive.

We operate within a 50 mile radius of Westbury Wiltshire – so we’re here to help you when you need us.