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Grease Dosing System
(All Drainage Services)

Helping to resolve the grease problem.

Anyone running a commercial property such as a restaurant or pub knows that grease & fat are the number one cause of drain blockages. As good as grease traps are, we supply an amazing system that will work alongside the grease trap, or as a complete alternative where there is no room for a grease trap to be fitted.

Our dosing systems are only supplied fitted and maintained by us so that you don’t need to worry. They are battery operated no need for wiring so the unit can be installed almost anywhere. This system works by injecting grease eating Enzymes (*Completely biodegradable – Environmentally friendly natural enzymes & bacteria) into the drain after the kitchen is closed, the enzymes will target fat deposits that have entered the system. This will stop the grease build up in the pipe, reducing the chance of major blockages & smells whilst maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Disruption from drainage obstructions can have costly implications for both your business and your reputation.<br> Under the Water Industry Act 1991 section 111 it is a criminal offence to discharge into the public sewers any matter which may interfere with the free flow of the sewerage system. There are 6 laws that govern disposal of food waste fats and we’re here to help you be compliant.

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We help you monitor and replace the Enzymes to keep you in tip top shape. The Enzymes come in 2 convenient sizes so that we can cater for your specific requirements.

This system meets the Regulations & Independently Approved Commercial kitchens without an effective means of grease removal that may otherwise contravene UK regulations mentioned above. We provide an effective form of grease removal – that works legally with or without grease traps.

Why not ask for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote and see how much you could save with this preventative system.

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